Ó Ráinne Musical Instruments are built using the highest quality tonewoods that are selected for their tone, aesthetics and structural integrity. The instruments are bound with wooden binding and purfling that complement the strength and look of the instruments. There are a wide choice of tonewoods used, ranging from traditional tonewoods through to less common native species.

Five-piece necks are used throughout the range, for their strength and stability. The necks are laminated using three pieces of quartersawn mahogany and two pieces of veneer which match the choice of tonewoods used. Standard neck width is 45mm at the nut. Custom widths are available on request. All instruments are fitted with a two-way truss rod, with access at the headstock end.

Bone nut and saddle are fitted as standard. Mother of pearl inlays are used for the headstock logo and for fretboard markers. Schaller tuning machines are used throughout the range. All instruments ship with a Hiscox hardshell case.


FO Series

This is a guitar that is equally at home in the hands of fingerstylists or flatpickers. It has great balance, power and clarity with great focus of tone. The FO Series is offered in standard depth or alternatively with a deeper body which increases the fundamentals.
Body Length: 19 5/8”  (499mm)
Lower Bout: 15 1/8” (384mm)
Upper Bout: 11” (279mm)
Body Depth: 4 1/8″ to 3 1/2″ (105mm to 90mm) or 4 3/4″ to 4 1/8″ (120mm to 105mm)
Scale Length: 25 ½” (648mm)

SA Series

sa-circleA small bodied guitar with a 13 fret join. Its size makes it comfortable to play and it is a guitar that just wants to be picked up. Surprisingly big sound from such a small guitar. It is versatile and responsive with great clarity.
Body Length: 18 5/8” (473mm)
Lower Bout: 14 3/8” (365mm)
Upper Bout: 10 7/16” (265mm)
Body Depth: 4 1/8″ to 3 1/2″ (105mm to 90mm)
Scale Length: 25 ½” (648mm)


A large bodied Irish bouzouki. Flat top arched over bracing with a floating bridge. The larger body ensures good bass and projection while maintaining the brightness associated with the Irish bouzouki.
Body Length: 16 1/2” (419mm)
Lower Bout: 14 5/8”  (372mm)
Body Depth: 4″ to 3 1/8″ (100mm to 80mm)
Scale Length: 25 ½” (648mm)